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Repair & Services

We can service and repair a wide range of fast food equipment including other well known brands such as Eurotech, Henny Penny, BKI, Archway, Kuroma, Pitco, Imperial etc. Fast and efficient service in and around midlands. We work from proper business premises with all services available for correct testing of your machines. If parts are needed for various equipment models and we don't have the required parts in store we can usually have them ordered for you. Please Ring 07900868989 or Email on info@eurotechonline.co.uk for more details

Kebab Knives Repair details

Kebab Slicer Specialists We specialise in repairing & servicing Eurotech kebab slicers only. We carry out all kebab knife repairs at our workshop. You can either bring your slicer to us or you can post the slicer out to us and as soon as we receive it we will review and call you with a cost and then repair & send it back to you straight away. Remember to put your details in with the knife if you post it to us. Please call 07900 868989 to book in your kebab slicer for repair

Pressure Fryer Repairs

Pressure Fryer Specialists We repair all pressure fryers, we specialise in EUROTECH, HENNY PENNY AND KUROMA pressure fryers. Henny Penny pressure fryer servicing and refurbishing service, including cracked fry tank rebuilds, computer control upgrades/downgrades including Fastron conversions. We start with repairing the obvious. Disassemble, cleaned and painted as required, we then do whatever cosmetic work we can so that the item is presentable. Finally, we test every item for normal operation Please call 07958 192927/07976 883769/07973 481104 to book your pressure fryer in for repair We can offer you a Loan machines (subject to availability) whilst yours is in for repair to keep your business running. Bring the machine to our workshop to save the call out fee Servicing It is recommended to get your pressure fryers serviced at least once a year to prevent your equipment failing you at the most inconvenient times.

Kebab Machine Repairs

Kebab Machine Specialists We spacialise in repairing & servicing ARCHWAY kebab machines. We can carry most kebab machine repairs at your shop and if for some reason the machine cannot be repaired at your then we will bring it back to our workshop and offer you a replacement machine until the repair has finished. Please call 07958 192927/07976 883769/07973 481104 to book your kebab machine for repair Servicing Servicing your kebab machine can be carried out at your shop. It is recommended that your machines to be serviced at least once a year to avoid breakdown at the most inconvenient times. Bring the machine to our workshop to save the call out fee